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Paid Ads

Social Media ads help you to reach suitable candidates, who you do not reach on job portals. We take care of the entire advertising process for you, including strategy, video creation, pre-qualification and continuous optimization.

Process Optimization

We help you to automate recurring tasks (e.g. contacting applicants, confirming appointments, etc.). We equip you with templates and automation tools that help you achieve maximum results without investing a lot of time.

Application Management

We take care of the entire applicant management for you. On your behalf we contact applicants via phone, E-Mail and WhatsApp. Afterwards we qualify the applicants for you through an interview. This means you only receive pre qualified applicants who are a good fit for you.

Employer Branding

Before candidates apply to you, they often take a look at your social media profile. Is your profile convincing? We help you to make your social media profiles appealing and stand out from your competition.


Our references

Case Studies


Candidates could only apply on the website.
Social media did not attract enough applicants

"With DISO-Group’s Social Recruiting strategy, we were able to hire 10+ employees within 1 month. In the past 6 months, we have been able to fill both blue and white collar positions."

Marc H. - Head of Operations | Logistics


20,000+ monthly views on jobs and employer branding posts.
Regularly qualified job interviews.


Career portals brought few qualified applicants only.
Not enough internal resources for social media recruiting.

"With DISO-Group, we can exchange jobs on a weekly basis and thereby respond quickly to needs. Within the first month, we had 100+ applicants for our vacancies and hired 5 new employees."

Christian Strunck - Managing Director | Strunck Personalvermittlung


Social media has become one of the most important recruiting channels.
First hires in the first month of collaboration.


Not enough time and resources for social media recruiting.
Hardly any applications via social networks.

"We receive the first qualified applicants within a few days. We can adjust our positions on a weekly basis and thus react quickly to important customer orders. Together, we have filled both industrial and commercial positions within 2 months."

Milan P. - Managing Director | Rahmer Zeitarbeit


We receive new applications via social media every day.
Effective for industrial and commercial positions.


Vacancies were mostly advertised on job portals.
No internal resources to run Social media adverts.

"The partnership with the DISO-Group quickly paid off. We have already received significantly more qualified applications within 4 weeks without any additional work on our end."

Alex H.- CEO | Recruiting


Social media turned into the main recruiting channel.
Within a few weeks, 4 positions were filled.


Hardly any applications via conventional job advertisements.
Too few qualified job interviews.

"We generate qualified applications quickly and predictably. We particularly like the fact that clear results were already visible in the first month. More qualified applicants, more interviews and initial hires."

Gerhard H. - Marketing | Loco Service GmbH


We fill positions faster than the competition.
Our employer brand was also further strengthened.


Social media did not produce any results in terms of employee recruitment.
No applicant management system was available.

"After 72H we received our first qualified applicants for our educator positions. DISO-Group helped us to arrange several interviews with qualified candidates within 1 month and to hire a candidate."

Dirk L. - Managing Director | International House for Kids.


Position filled within 1 month.
DISO Portal perfect for applicant management.


Vacancies could only be found on the website.
Applicants were not qualified for the job.

“We were able to fill our vacancy in facility management within 4 weeks. I can highly recommend the service of the DISO-Group.”

Volker H. - CEO | Facility Management


Especially short-form video formats have generated more applications.
The DISO-Group lead portal has saved us a lot of work and time.


Supply of applicants was limited to the government employment service.
Many of the applicants were unqualified.

“Thanks to the close cooperation, we can finally fill vacancies quickly and more predictably. We have always seen social media platforms as a means for the younger generation. Finally, we are impressed by how effortlessly both blue-collar and white-collar vacancies have been filled with competent employees.”

Ilka G. - authorized signatory | Temporary work


The quality of applicants has increased thanks to individual applicant funnels.
Running social media adverts sets us apart from the competition.


Our process

The process



DISO-Group analyzes and optimizes your existing social media profiles using best practices to ensure an attractive appearance.



Our team will provide all the required material. We create images, short-form videos, keyword-optimized captions and custom lead funnels.



We A/B test different variations of your images, videos, captions and lead funnels. This way, we can ensure the best performance possible.



Incoming leads will be shared with you in realtime in our in-house lead portal or through an interface to your existing applicant tracking system.



You and your team will receive weekly performance reports in which creatives, the number of applicants, costs per application and other elements will be shared with you.



We hold weekly feedback meetings with you to analyze the results. Required changes will be incorporated within 24 hours.


Social media ad & applicant funnel

From vacant job profile to the
social media advertisement in video format

Applications: 137

Costs / Application: 2,80 €

Hired: 8



Leads generated
in the following industries

Personalrecruiter in einer Vermittlung


Traditional job portals are losing their effectiveness, so social recruiting is the new solution. Use the potential of social media, where people spend around 2 hours a day. Publish job ads as targeted advertisements to address your target group directly. A combination of strategic posts and targeted ads can increase efficiency and generate more applications at a lower cost.


Real estate

In the last 10 years, the real estate market has flourished for agents, but today the situation is different: fewer potential buyers means a challenge. Time for brokers to reposition themselves and develop innovative strategies. Social media offers opportunities with targeted advertising, supplemented by thought leadership content such as FAQ answers and customer testimonials. In this way, brokers increase their credibility and reduce their advertising costs in the long term.

Logistik Unternehmen


Logistics companies used to find applicants easily via industry-specific portals. Today, they have to actively recruit candidates, especially on social media, where candidates spend 2 hours a day. Targeted advertisements increase the visibility and quality of applicants. A balanced mix of company posts and advertisements is effective and cost-efficient.

Lebensmittel Produktionsfirma

Food Industry

In the food industry, a proactive approach is crucial to attracting skilled workers. Social media makes it possible to strengthen the employer brand with targeted posts and offer insights into the corporate culture. Use targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to attract the best candidates and gain a competitive advantage.

diso bild pflege


The search for nursing staff is difficult. Traditional methods are not enough. Social media is indispensable for targeting nursing staff and ensuring quality. Create a positive image with insights into the working environment and employee testimonials. Combined with advertisements, you reduce costs and reach qualified applicants. Social media is a strategic necessity in order to remain competitive and stand out.


Our values

What sets us apart

The philosophy of DISO-Group is win-win-win. You and your company get qualified leads. The prospect or applicant finally finds a new product or job and is delighted. Lastly, we at DISO-Group have another happy client. We aim to ensure that every stakeholder involved in the process experiences a significant increase in added value. With DISO-Group, everyone wins.



With international experience spanning over five countries, our team implements strategies that have demonstrated global effectiveness and are adaptable to any location. We are committed to crafting innovative, customized strategies that will align with your specific needs.


Industry Experience

Our team has over 15 years of combined experience in various companies and industries. These include private banks, recruitment agencies, S&P 500 listed technology companies and a wide range of start-ups.


Individual Support

Working for large corporations has proved that individualized support can quickly get neglected. We maintain all our operations in-house to ensure close collaboration and quick response times. This approach allows us to implement changes on the same day and significantly reduces the risk of errors.


Finger On The Pulse of Time

Our team is between 23 and 30 years old and deals with various social media platforms daily. We identify trends for you at an early stage. We evaluate their respective potential and areas of application. Seamlessly integrating them into your company will quickly set you apart from your competition.

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